David Langston

David Langston has been a volunteer with FOOD Share since his retirement over 10 years ago. David is one of the most dedicated volunteers to FOOD Share mission of providing food to people in need in Ventura County. He is here in the warehouse four days per week, working tirelessly the entire time he is here. He works in the shipping/receiving department, driving a forklift, loading and unloading the trucks with food products. He always displays a positive, upbeat, can do attitude. No job is too small or too large for him to tackle and see to completion. FOOD Share fully recognizes that without volunteers we would not be able to operate and serve the community in the manner in which our 30 year esteemed history documents. FOOD Share is very fortunate in having a team of wonderful, outstanding, and committed to the cause volunteers. David exemplifies the best in volunteerism, by selflessly giving of his time and energy to help people in need of food.