George Lankford–Amarillo, Texas

The High Plains Food Bank would not be able to distribute one pound of food if it was not for the generosity of George Lankford. As the President and CEO of Affiliated Foods in Amarillo, Texas, George helps the High Plains Food Bank feed those in need on a daily basis. Affiliated Foods donates food and product to the Food Bank on a weekly basis and also assists the Food Bank with costs associated with accessing food. The support of George allows the Food Bank to access food more efficiently and to spend more time on our mission: To Alleviate Hunger in the Texas Panhandle. Affiliated Foods was also instrumental during the expansion of High Plains Food Bank in early 2000 and 2003. By providing funds and support, the Food Bank tripled the size of its warehouse. Today, the Food Bank owes its 51,000 foot facility to George and Affiliated Foods. The High Plains Food Bank greatly appreciates the guidance and support of George throughout the expansion project. By providing unfailing community support, George Lankford is a true example of what it takes to be a Hunger Champion.