Janie Singleton–High Plains Food Bank

Janie has been committed to alleviating hunger in the Texas Panhandle for nearly two decades. Under Janie’s leadership, the High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo, Texas developed a Rural Delivery Service to distribute food to 19 rural communities throughout 28 counties of the Texas Panhandle. The Food Bank’s food distribution has also tripled under Janie. In 2005, the High Plains Food Bank distributed a record-setting 5.7 million pounds of food and product to those in need. Janie was instrumental in establishing the Kids Cafe programs in the local public school system. Through the Kids Cafe, 8,000 meals are provided to hungry children each month. Janie successfully oversaw two expansions of the Food Bank in 2000 and 2003 – tripling the size of the Food Bank’s capacity to distribute food to the Texas Panhandle. Janie has been instrumental in promoting hunger and the Food Bank wherever she goes – the result has been a very high level of visibility of the Food Bank with the general public and a focus on the growing problem of hunger in the Texas Panhandle. Janie is truly a hunger champion because she dedicates everyday to finding a solution to hunger in the Texas Panhandle. Janie is a catalyst to help promote hunger awareness, and she is an example that everyone can help solve the problem of hunger in the United States!