Tom Brannon

KTHV Television meteorologist, Tom Brannon promotes the Arkansas Foodbank Network’s mission and events on air throughout the calendar year. Every summer he takes the lead with the THV Summer Cereal Drive (SCD) and dedicates every weekday morning during this ten week period to get the community involved in this worthy cause. During SCD alone, Tom Brannon contributes over 100 hours of his time for planning, execution and publicizing. In 2007, SCD raised almost 139,000 boxes of cereal that were distributed to those in need throughout the state of Arkansas. Since SCD began in 2001, over 345,000 boxes have been distributed. During the first year of the THV Summer Cereal Drive, 23 teams participated and collected 23,405 boxes of cereal. Tom Brannon’s energy and passion alone helped the drive reach 109 teams and 138,568 boxes in 2007. He spends weeks leading up to the event encouraging businesses, organizations and individuals to participate. During the Drive, he voluntarily goes on numerous live remote feeds to be able to interact with community members and challenge them, whether down the street or an hour drive, while still delivering his regular weather reports. His willingness towards the Foodbank truly has no limits. In 2007, Tom Brannon was the master of ceremonies and auctioneer for the Arkansas Foodbank Network’s fifth annual Empty Bowls art auction and charity fundraiser. About a week after the event, he called the Foodbank asking if the 2008 date had been set so he could mark it on his calendar. This is a small example of his initiative and dedication to the organization. He is rarely asked for help because he usually volunteers first.