Argelia Cabrera

Argelia Cabrera Langley Park, Maryland Positions: Alcance Program Coordinator Langley Park Elementary School Parent Liaison Argelia Cabrera can wear you out just talking about her daily schedule. Working full time as a parent liaison at Langley Park Elementary School, Argelia helps to ensure that immigrant children of Hispanic descent and their parents can successfully navigate the school system. On top of this position, Argelia plays an active role in Alcance, an outreach program of her church that provides food, counseling, rental assistance, computer classes, English lessons and other client services to immigrants in her community. Through Alcance, Argelia provides food packages to up to 25 families per week. This past Thanksgiving this number jumped to 160 families. In 2002, drawing together her school and outreach commitments, Argelia helped to establish a food distribution at Langley Park Elementary School. She realized that the elementary school provided a natural point where she could reach out to immigrant families in need. In partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank, the Langley Park site distributes food to over 100 families each month who are at risk of hunger. Ask how she got where she is now and why she has devoted her life to helping others, and she’ll respond to both questions with the same answer, “Because others have helped me.” Emigrating from El Salvador nearly 30 years ago, Argelia and her husband started in America with nothing to their name. Through years of hard work and people’s generosity at a number of key points in her life, Argelia is now in a position where she helps hundreds of people in her community to attain the American dream.