20 Miles of Trucks for Hunger

A donation commemorating 50 million pounds of Tyson products donated to hunger relief since 2000 was made at the Arkansas Capitol on February 6, 2008.

In May of 2000, Tyson Foods made a formal commitment to play an important role in the fight against hunger.  At that time, we pledged to donate ten million pounds of Tyson products over a three year period, to organizations feeding hungry people.  

On February 6, Tyson made a donation representing 50 million pounds of food donated to hunger and disaster relief since our initial commitment.  That’s protein for 200 million meals.

If you filled trucks with all of that product and lined them bumper-to-bumper, the line would stretch for twenty miles.  That’s a lot of hungry people fed.

Additionally, Tyson Team Members all across the company have become personally and passionately engaged in the fight against hunger in their own communities, volunteering  with food banks and food pantries, and raising funds for childhood hunger in Powering the Spirit campaigns.

This remarkable milestone is possible because of the hard work of all Tyson Team Members, who contribute to making and selling our products.  Each of us should be proud of our own part in this contribution. 

At Tyson, we stay in business by selling food to people who can afford it.  It’s only right that we’re also in the business of helping people who can’t afford it.