Claire Coyne

At Lighthouse Mission Thrift Store, we are a local non for profit mission selling clothing, furnature, bedding…basically anything for a home. All our items are donated from the public, and the procedes from our sales are turned back to the community through projects we do. Claire started, years ago, doing food baskets for people in the community who needed one at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It started out with her going to the grocery and loading up her station wagon with the items needed to fill a bag with the same type of food that she would want to sit down with at a Holiday meal. Things have quickly changed over the years. This past year at Thanksgiving and Christmas we prepared 1508 baskets (608 at Thanksgiving and 900 at Christmas) totalling $33,417.44 worth of food. Many local organizations and generous people donate money to help in paying for this endevour, and the money generated from our sales from the store are used. We are gearing up for our Easter baskets, and with the closing of a big local factory, Gen Corp, there are sure to be many signing up for a meal. At Easter we get Tyson bonless chicken breast bags and give each family a bag along with a grocery bag full of other items to prepare their Easter meal. We are preparing for 500 families at this point, and would love for your company to consider joining in our campaign to feed the hungry in Wabash County. Claire has brought our store to the point it is, and truely puts her heart and soul into it. She gives God the glory for all that He does to provide for our projects and needs for the store. We pack our Easter Baskets on March 20th where now we have a local semi who goes to pick up our food, and many people from 3 year olds to high school clubs, to boy scouts earning their patches. come to join in. Claire has come a long way from her grocery cart and station wagon, and we’d like to bless her even more by a Tyson Semi pulling up! Thanks you for considering our project as we start our process of ordering food very soon!