JAVA West High School Students

Students from West High School who operate the on-site coffee shop (JAVA West) made a check presentation for $350.00 to Tyson Waterloo’s “Powering the Sprit” campaign on Monday, March 24th. Students are entirely in charge of this coffee shop from all business perspectives. It is part of vocational training and community living classes for students at West High School, most of whom will enter the work force directly upon graduation. It’s not the tasks that these students do in the coffee shop that make them hunger heroes, but it’s the passion of helping others. One visit to the coffee shop and you will see, feel and understand the passion these students have to help others. That’s helping others as their customers and helping others to make a difference in the community. Trever, a 9th grader at West High stated, “I know what it is like to need. My dad skipped out on my mom and I when I was young and we needed to use the food bank. Things are better for us now, but I want to help those who need the help today because I know what it’s like to need.” Other students were quick to comment about the reasons, they choose hunger relief and comments flew around the room about helping others, giving to kids who are hungry, and helping people who don’t have enough. These students are truly hunger heroes as they find ways to be part of the solution of ending hunger in our community. This donation of profits from the café is their first to the community. Students in photo (L-R): Willie, Blaine, Alen, Kenny, Trever and Kayla. Not pictured: Ashley, Cassie and John