Miss Ann

At 77, a time in her life when most of her peers are long retired, Ann Bumgardner comes to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle on a daily basis to “work the Market.” Ann was one of the first volunteers when the Food Shuttle was in its infancy, over 15 years ago, and her dedication to this huner-relief organization is inspiring. In 2007 the Food Shuttle recovered 5.3 million pounds of food & provided it free of charge to soup kitchens, church pantries, shelters and other human service organizations. Our single largest food donor by far is the North Carolina State Farmers Market—providing 1.5 million pounds of perishable food annually—and nearly all of that food is directly attributable to the hard work of Ann Bumgardner. Ten years ago she became the Food Shuttle’s Market Specialist, and even drove one of the Shuttle’s trucks to the Market daily. Eventually the organization and the donations grew to such an extent that a larger truck and a professional driver were needed to attend to the Market Route. Still, rain or shine, in the heat of the Carolina summer, or the chill of winter, Miss Ann continues to walk the Farmer’s Market on our behalf. The relationships she has built with the farmers, wholesalers, and truckers benefit hundreds of needy people every day. She charms and persuades, finesses and cajoles. She earns everyone’s affection and respect as she tirelessly works to ensure that nutritious fresh produce finds its way onto the plates of disadvantaged individuals and families rather than into the landfill. It is Ann’s hard work, her energy and dedication that make her a true Hunger All-Star.