Garden Goods

Rising food prices, the food vs. fuel debate, increased gasoline prices, food insecurity on the rise and the “art of the cart” are daily issues in each of our communities everyday. Answers and solutions are not easy, so it leaves me thinking what can be done now. What can I do? How can I make a difference?

My thinking “outside the box” this week has led me back to thinking “inside my garden box.” It’s garden planting time! Let’s think what could happen if we all planted one extra plant, one row or one packet of seeds of something we already grow and dedicate its produce to the food bank?

Garden produce is a nontraditional food item we often don’ think of sharing with the food bank. Yet, it is a nutritional food that can be abundantly shared in the summer with little cost to each grower and a big impact on the food supply.

I invite you to join in sharing your garden goods and ideas! 

I’m off to harvest my rhubarb (ask my neighbor if they have extra to share) and make the first donation of the garden season…

Posted by Andrea Sherwood



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  1. Ed

    Great idea, Andrea.  I always have produce that goes to waste at the peak of the season–usually zuchinni, which is without fail prolific. 

    A dentist friend in a small rural Arkansas town told me he starts locking his car in mid-June because people put produce in it.  Perhaps he could just put a box by the door and invite people to contribute for their local food bank.


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