Attention hunger relief organizations–Flip is donating video cameras to non-profits

Check this out:

Flip, makers of the neat little cameras tailored for online video sharing, has a great program in which they’ve committed to donating one million cameras to non-profit organizations  [501(c)(3)] who want to share their stories on the Web.

From their  Frequently asked questions :     What is a Flip Video Spotlight Kit?
Each Spotlight Kit contains two 60 minute Flip Video Ultra camcorders with built-in video editing and publishing software, detailed instructions for easily uploading video to your own website or popular video sharing sites (like YouTube, MySpace, and AOL Video), tutorials, and other training materials.

YOU should apply for this kit!!!

Thanks to David Neff at FI Space (another site you should put on your RSS feed) for making us aware of this through Twitter.

6-18 Update:  I bought one of the Flip Ultras yesterday. Cool little piece of gear  Fits in your pocket. Couldn’t be easier to upload stuff.  Took it to a concert last night and on two plant tours today.  It’s been a while since I’ve had so much fun with a (non-musical) gadget.  We’ll have four or five working at Tyson’s RAGBRAI  hunger relief fundraising events in late July.  Stay tuned here for the results.   Meanwhile, if you happen to start uploading video about hunger relief stuff, let us know about it, and we’ll link to it from here.      Ed

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    The Rural Integrated Relief Service- Ghana is a non-governmental, non-profit-making development organisation dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children in remote communities all over Ghana. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most.

    Our project is to assist designated farmers and farmer groups and individuals to identify problems, needs and to help them to adopt appropriate production, processing and marketing technologies to improve their income through sound environmental practices and also support food security and sufficiency policies of the Government.

  2. susan

    Thanks Ed, for passing on these great links. I’ve noticed that David Neff character is full of good ideas too.

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