Phillip H. Robert

Phillip Robert was a Food Pantry Worker at Voices of the Heart’s Inc. Food Pantry in Glens Falls, NY 12801. Mr. Robert eventually became coordinator of this program. He was well respected by all consumers for welcoming them as neighbors and friends. He himself overcame great deversity in his life and turned this into a strength and gift whick he shared with anyone who came into his life, no matter their background, needs or issues. At his untimely death on May 3, 2007 the Food Pantry was overwheled with the many consumers of service whose life Phillip had touched through his work at the Pantry. Then food pantry saw an multitude of cards and flowers in gratitude for Phillip’s kindness and support. Voices of the Heart Inc. is a 501 (3) c non profit mental health peer advocacy agency. Phillip had a dual diagnosis of schzophrenia, depression and was also in 15 + years of recovery. Phillip had a wonderfull sense of humor which he also shared with eveyone who came in contact with him. He left behind two teenage children who often would volunteer their own time at the food panty. Voices of the Heart Inc. and its staff, consumers, volunteers and other community individuals have sense Phillips death developed The Phillip H. Robert Humanitarian Award. This prestigious greater community award recieves nominations and selects a group or individual who best demonstrate the qualities of life that Phillip shared with all persons. Our website is Phillip only a few months before his untimely death wrote a letter that I think surely helps to exspress Phillips beliefs and understand of the real mean of life. His award will be presented on Nov. 22, nominations are open till August 18th and are open to anyone. I hope you will seriously consider Phillip for your Hunger All Star Award. His letter and the nomination process on our website will certainly provide greater insight as to why I am nominating him for your award. Phillip and his sense of giving, caring and helping individuals with not only food but a sense of belonging, self and desire to continue his work lives on even in his death. Thank you, John D. Sullivan