An interesting encounter along the road


By Sue Brockway

If you understand the real fun of RAGBRAI, you understand it’s all about the people you meet and their stories.  This morning while Sherri and I were traveling from Green Mountain to Toledo, we were flagged down by a rider who had experienced an issue with a tire.  We put half his bike in my car and half in Sherri’s van and he rode with us to Toledo to get his bike fixed.  We were excited to be able to help…..and only during RAGBRAI is it perfectly reasonable to pick up a total stranger and get them to the next town.  There is something about everyone who rides……and the people along the route……they are simply nice.  Our new friend is Jim Verhulst from St. Petersburg, FL. Thank you Jim, for letting us on 4 wheels be a part of the party.

Ed’s  note:  Jim is also blogging about his RAGBRAI experience, and describes the encounter with Sue and Sherri in this post.