Ann Bumgardner–Hunger All-Star of the Month

Each week, more than 3,000 hungry residents in Raleigh receive a meal that includes fresh and nutritious foods because of the passion and tenacity that Ann Bumgardner brings to the fight against hunger. Today Tyson Foods recognized the impact that Ann’s volunteer work has made in the lives of families in North Carolina and selected her as the next Tyson Hunger All-Star, an honor that comes with a donation of more than 15 tons of protein to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. 

Ann’s volunteerism is an excellent example of the Tyson Hunger All-Star program’s belief that one person can make a difference in the fight against hunger. After retiring from a career as an occupational therapist and raising five sons, Ann found a new calling. Each day she travels to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to “work the Market.”

In 2007 the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle recovered 5.7 million pounds of food and provided it free of charge to soup kitchens, church pantries, shelters and other human-service organizations. The single largest food donor is the North Carolina State Farmers Market—providing 1.5 million pounds of perishable food annually—and nearly all of that food is directly attributable to the hard work of Ann Bumgardner.