Food Banks–How do people help you?

Obvioulsy, we’re  fishing for tips here…

What are some of the ways people help you–aside from giving you money (which we all know is always needed)?

In kind services?  Accounting?  Marketing management?  Lawn and landscape?  What kind of expertise would you normally have to spend your cash on that someone might provide?

Are there some innovative ways individuals and small groups raise either food or funds that you would be willing to share with the hunger community?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section of this post.



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  1. susan


    Last week a woman told me about a church that asks members to bring a canned good to church each Sunday. Since everyone knows to bring something they’ve gotten more creative as time’s gone on, instead of bringing the dull stuff, they’re actually thinking about it in the grocery store and picking more nutritious food.

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