ISU PRSSA Report–Tyson and Ragbrai

Tyler Neuschwanger–Iowa State PRSSA

 Being a college student for the last 3 years has changed the way I think about a lot of things in my life including expenses, education in general and food.  I know the last one kind of stands out in that list however, food and the next meal are always on the back of nearly every college students mind.
 After reading through the facts of hunger in Iowa, my idea of the next meal has been drastically changed.  I think a lot of people, even Iowans, take for granted the idea that food will always be on the table.  The reality of this is that more than a quarter million Iowans (of 2.8 million) are at risk of hunger.  This number scared me because that means I have been taking for granted something that a lot of people have a hard time getting.
 I think that Tyson’s idea to use social media to get the word out through video blogging and text blogging is a great idea.  In an ever technology changing world, the blog is one thing that millions look to for information.  Social media is one of the most viral forms of media today and taking advantage of it to spread the word about hunger is a great idea.
 Just from participating in this blog I have learned so much more about hunger and hunger relief than I ever knew about.  I can truly say that my awareness of the problem is high and Tyson is doing an amazing thing for Iowans and America.