RAGBRAI Day 2 Part 2



Susan Pfeifer, Sue Brockway and Council Bluffs Team Members

Day 2 ended very well.  The Team Members from Council Bluffs were just outstanding, working incredibly hard, fast and cheerfully.  They’ll be tomorrow’s Hunger All-Stars. We’ll tell you more.

Sunday started out cool, and everyone seemed in an extraordinarily good mood.   We sold more than 700 omlettes and chicken sandwiches, and made a respectable amount of money for childhood hunger in Underwood.



Bob with the flat

The day did end on a bit of excitement as our the Ryder rental reefer slung a retread going down I80 at 65 mph.   Andrea kept it under control, and thanks to the great advice of Bob the Tyson driver, who happened to be bringing up the rear, we were able to get the convoy off the highway.

Tomorrow we’re in Kimballton.  Bright and early.

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  1. Charles Rocker

    Make sure Big Dave is cooking, he can sure get it done. But be careful not to leave him alone with the finished product to long, for the big man has an appetite. Have fun Dave, wish we could be there with you. 

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