RAGBRAI–Day 2 Underwood



The Council Bluffs Team

Today began at 5:00 am when the Tyson team went "wheels up" from the motel in Mo. Valley, arriving at 5:30 in Underwood, 30 miles into the route.   In spite of a few hiccups in the setup, it was amazing how fast it came together.   At 6:00 someone said, "The first riders just came into town, and are looking for pancakes."  By 6:15, the first of ten team members and family from the Tyson Council Bluffs plants started arriving, and proved to be invaluable as we made a mad dash toward the 7:00 am "go live."
Here we are at 7:45 and have already sold about twenty omlette breakfast burritos. By now, we’ve seen three hundred riders come through town. 

The Council Bluff Team Members working today are:


Susan Pfeifer

Becky Keightley

Daltan Keightley

Mike LeFevre

Amber LeFevre

Chris Swaink

Hal Edrington