RAGBRAI–Day 3–Kimballton



The Crew from Denison


RAGBRAI Day 3 saw the "traveling" Tyson team splitting up duties, with the cooking team heading out for Kimballton at 4 am, and Sue going to Omaha for the first of our series of food donations.

Our crew from the Tyson Denison plant met us at 6:00 and pitched right in to make things start happening.  The first biker–he must be a really hard core rider–came through at 5:45, and by about 8:00, there was a steady stream. The real rush seems to start after about the first 1000 riders (remember, there are 15,000 riders in this event), and last for about two hours. During this time it is very frenzied, with people cooking and selling just as fast as they can.

I can’t say enough about the Iowa Tyson team members.  The six folks who came from Denison (they’ll be our Hunger Heroes tomorrow)  worked incredibly hard, and by the end of the day, we had sold another seven hundred or so omelets for hunger relief.

As always, the diversity and creativity of some of thes riders is extremely entertaining.  Here’s a young guy whose headwear personifies the Iowa landscape (just hope he’s not endangering the ethanol supply)





The end of the day found us splitting up the supply trucks for two events tomorrow.  It’s a bit gruelling for the road crew–we might be just a bit overextended–but it’s still lots of fun and rewarding knowing the money is going to a good cause.

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  1. Annetta Young

    KUDOS from Arkansas….You all are doing a great job…especially considering the 4:30AM post!    You’re all our  Hunger Heroes.   Keep the pictures coming, and try to get some sleep! 🙂 



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