RAGBRAI Day 5–Green Mountain, Toledo



The Waterloo crew in Toledo

The days are starting to run together a bit for the traveling crew, trying to work two sites in a day.  Days begin at 4 to 5 in the morning and run to midnight or so.  On top of that, with sparse coverage, the ATT&T aircard that allows me to upload to this site is pretty much useless in central rural Iowa.

Fortunately, much of the hard work is being done by fantastic crews from our Iowa plants.

Wednesday morning started out in Green Mountain, where a great bunch from Waterloo came in and served riders more omelets. This is treat that last year’s RAGBRAI team put together, consisting of all Tyson products– a pre-made omelet from the Chicago plant, wrapped in a Mexican Original tortilla.  Customers can get it with or without a patty of good Tyson sausage wrapped in the middle.  They sell like hotcakes, er, well, you know.  We’ve been selling 400-700 of them a day, and have our "regulars" who stop by often.

Wednesday evening found us at the "overnight town" (where the bikers camp) of Toledo, where a group from Tyson Waterloo served all of the "real" proteins, chicken beef and pork sandwiches.  We were a bit concerned early in the day, when it appeared we wouldn’t be selling much, but a dinnertime onslaught of people, made for one of our best events of the week. A  big special thanks to Steve and Nancy Louthan who came in after the photos and videos were shot and worked like crazy ’til the last item was packed into the Ryder at quitting time.

Again, we just can’t say enough about the Tyson team members we’ve been working with. They just add special meaning to the phrase "Powering the Spirit."