RAGBRAI–Wrapping it Up




It’s been a long haul across the state for those who have done every mile of it:  LOTS of omelets, ribeye sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and pulled pork sandwiches have been sold.  LOTS of bottles of cold water.  And lots of money was raised for hunger relief efforts in those towns along the way. 

The Ryder bob truck reefer has bounced its way from Missouri Valley to Le Claire.  And a road-weary ground crew will get some well-deserved rest:  Dave Hinojosa from the Tyson Joslin plant, whom you read about earlier.  Elena Reader, from Waterloo, who was along and invaluable the first five days of the ride.  Thomas Nicholson, the Prairie  Grove, Arkansas high school senior who has thrown in like a guy twice his age (and worked as hard as he has his entire life). Raul Lagos joined us for two _very critical_ days, as did Crystal Dyer. Andrea Sherwood, who masterminded the whole affair, and literally ran herself into the ground (and bounced back again) putting it all together.  Sue Brockway, who’s worked harder than any of us, and is an inspiration to us all througout the year.   And Sherri Austin, calm, collected, and steady as a rock, who worked more shifts than any of the rest of us, seldom without a positive attitude and a smile on her face.   

And we couldn’t have made it happen without the Tyson Transportation Group and driver Bob Oliver, who took the Tyson 18-wheeler into tight spots the entire route, from the Missouri the the Mississippi.

Thanks to Tyson operations management, especially Jim Schmitz, Dan Brooks and Bruce Pautsch for their support.  Special thanks to Joslin complex manager, Todd Reed for, among other things,  loaning us the trailer and Dave Hinojosa for a week.  Thanks to the other Iowa complex managers for letting their teams be part of this marvelous event.

And most especially, thanks to all of the Tyson Team Members who came early, stayed late, worked in the heat, endured the traffic, the lines, the hectic pace.  What you do every day makes sure our families are fed each night.  What you did this week will see to it that a lot of other families are also one step farther away from being hungry.  It’s an honor and a privelege to work with you.   

Hope to see you all next July!

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  1. Ana Lorena Hart


    Tyson’s heartfelt presence and stand on the issue of hunger is admirable. Reading your blog, seeing the pictures and viewing the video posts was like being there right next to your efforts. Thank you for the inspiration through actions and for sharing the chronicles of the journey! Great site! – Ana.

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