The Tyson Foods Perry RAGBRAI Team (Ames)



Here’s part of the Perry crew who worked at Ames

Two shifts of Tyson Team Members from the Tyson Foods Perry, Iowa plant worked to prepare and sell food for hunger relief in Ames, during RAGBRAI ’08.  They worked from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. as thousands of people thronged to the Iowa State University to see a performance by classic rockers Styx as part of the week-long ride.  Wih temperatures soaring into the ’90s, they sold hundreds of ribeye, pulled pork and BBQ chicken sandwiches to benefit hunger relief organizations in the Ames area.


Because of their hard work, they’re the Tyson Foods Hunger All-Stars of the day. 

The team members who worked the event were:  Terrance McCauley     Darrell Meinecke     Craig Pote     John McNamara     Edna Colon     Angela Cerwick     Daisy Diaz       Krystal Garcia     Ignacia Diaz    Maxima Campos     Thomas Oyres     Chase Golik     Roger Baumgartner     Eloisa Baumgatner     Xiomara Guzman     Tom Barragan     Jennifer Whitner     Herman Gonzalez     Gordy Laird     Lnda Welchel