The Tyson Foods Waterloo RAGBRAI Team

Crews from the Tyson Foods Waterloo plant prepared and sold food for hunger relief during RAGBRAI ’08 at locations in Green Mountain and Toledo, Iowa.  Their hard work has earned them a Hunger All-Star designation.

Four hard-working volunteers from the Northeast Iowa Food bank also contributed to this effort and are equally deserving of this recognition.

The team included:  Green Mountain–Patti Luebbers and Ron Wood from the Waterloo plant, along with Mike Lind, Kim Hines, Jordan Vernay and Patrick Bird from the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.      Toledo–Tara Wait, Jason Mauch, Robin Mueller, Gail Mueller, Enrique Arifa, Mark McKay (who was also riding the entire route),  Emsul Byeelorie, Vivian Reader, Steve and Nancy Louthan (previous Hunger All-Stars).