Ed Nicholson

We’ve now received more than 630 comments to our blog entry this morning about hunger in Austin and the work of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

This was just phenomenal, with the 350 comments needed to fill the truck coming in less than six hours.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen:  Everyone who commented, and especially all who ReTweeted the original Twitter messages. This was really the power of social media put to work effectively. We’re humbled, amazed and awed at the community that made this occur. 

Based on the responses we received, we will  be doing more with the Food Bank and–if they want–with Social Media Club Austin and 501 Tech Club of Austin.   Stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you’re in the Austin area (and you guys are truly awesome)  please support the HAM-up Tweet-up to benefit CAFB. 

There were a lot of great comments made, and some very interesting questions raised, and some good suggestions that should provide more opportunity for discussion here.

We invite you to continue to be part of the discussion on hunger by subscribing to this site, that of the CAFB, or any of the other links you might see here.



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  1. Oliver j

    As the economy continues to tumble towards depths, more and more people are having their difficulties in their finances because of the increasing unemployment rate. One of the major problems we are facing now is the poverty and the hunger. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty. More people are struggling to survive to this kind of situation most especially the children that at the very young age are forced to work. This overwhelming number of children that is suffering from hunger and malnutrition cannot be control but we have to be aware of our health cause it can be a great culprit of financial burden. Almost a billion people can barely, if at all, feed themselves or their children, and world hunger is reaching pandemic proportions. About a month ago, a resolution went before the floor of the United Nations for a vote, and the resolution was over whether or not food was a fundamental human right. The resolution passed a staggering 180 to 1 vote. 7 nations were absent, and none abstained, but the only country to vote negatively was the United States of America. The richest country, with the greatest of agricultural resources, voted against the idea that human beings have a natural right to be able to feed them selves and survive. A logical justification has to exist for it, and the claim is that the wording of said resolution was not acceptable by American standards, because the alternative is beyond all realms of logic. So if you think that there’s some sort of shame to resorting to options like shopping at the Dollar store, or getting payday loans, there isn’t any. Be glad those are the options that seem unpalatable, and remember that citizens of the nation of Haiti are literally eating dirt to survive. For more about the UN and world news, read this article at the payday loans blog.

  2. Denise Hawk


    Keep up the great work!  Thanks so much for your contribution to making this world a better place for people who need a helping hand.

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