Tyson Foods Twittering

Ed Nicholson

As part of our effort to get the hunger community engaged in social media, I’ve discussed Twitter in a previous post

For some time I’ve been Twittering under name @ederdn,  In an effort to separate my personal Twitter stream from the official company stream, I’ve registered the name TysonFoods

Unfortunately, there have been some cases of corporate Twitter handles being appropriated by those who didn’t have effective permission to use them.

Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist for Forester Research, and widely-respected social media expert,  has suggested cross-linking Twitter feeds to the organization’s web site to validate.  Which is what I’m doing here.

If you’d like to follow the Tyson Foods Twitter stream, you can access it at http://twitter.com/TysonFoods

While I’m not going to add a Twitter widget–yet–you’ll note that there’s a link in our blogroll.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jeremiah.

3 Replies to “Tyson Foods Twittering”

  1. Connie Reece

    So glad to see this post and know that the TysonFoods Twitter account is indeed coming from the company. At an upcoming conference I’ll be moderating a panel about the various ways companies are using Twitter. So I’ll follow you on Twitter as part of my research. And thanks again for helping the Capital Area Food Bank. We in Austin love to have fun while helping good causes, so we’ll be looking for that big ol’ Tyson truck to roll in to town for the HAM-up / Tweet-up!

  2. Jeremiah Owyang

    This is an excellent best practice, thanks Ed for the cross linking, it helps the community to confirm real businesses stepping forward.  Thanks for demonstrating your leadership here.

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