A food bank CEO’s perspective–why you should care about hunger


by Ed Nicholson

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Austin on Monday for the Tyson portion of the HAM-up Tweetup.  What an inspiring community, full of energetic, passionate folks. Big thanks to all of the friends we made at Social Media Club Austin and 501 Tech Club Austin.  It was a sincere pleasure meeting Mike Chapman, but we particularly want to thank David Neff of the American Cancer Society, who brought us to the event–be sure and visit his online space, a great example of social media put to good work.  Thanks to the staff of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, particularly Lisa Goddard and Kerri Qunell.  The video above is an interview with the President and CEO of the food bank, David Davenport.  (I stuck him out in the bright sunlight, so blame the producer for that…but what he said was great) I can tell you, the house really is rockin’ down in Austin.

For those of you in Austin, there are some exciting activities planned for the HAM-up this week, so don’t miss your opportunity to see a world class food bank in action. 


2 Replies to “A food bank CEO’s perspective–why you should care about hunger”

  1. Leslie Bacho

    Hunger in this country is such a serious, but solveable problem.  It’s great to see this kind of support.

  2. Mike Chapman

    You good people of Tyson Foods deserve a world of thanks from all of us here in Central Texas. As you are aware it looks like your assistance is going to be immediately needed even more if Hurricane Ike stays on course to hit the Texas coastline. Even without the natural disaster there is a real and immediate need for assistance just in handling life. I appreciate you, Ed, and all of the folks at Tyson Foods. Say hello to Jerry and the rest. And, yes, David Neff is a keeper and Lisa, Kerry and David inspire me greatly. Thanks.

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