Hunger in the Bay Area – and How You Can Help


Hunger is a serious problem in the Bay Area…
• Nearly 1.2 million people in the Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma and Santa Cruz counties) are living near the poverty line, at risk of going hungry. According to census figures, these people are making less than $26,000 for a family of 3.
• The California Budget Project estimates that a family needs to make more than twice that amount – at least $53,000 – in order to make ends meet in the Bay Area. People who can’t get by often give up food to pay for vital expenses like medicine, or fixed expenses like rent.
• 50% of the people Bay Area food banks serve are children – and many live in working poor families.

The current economy is making things even worse…
• In addition to the region’s high cost of living, food and fuel prices have skyrocketed over the past year. Higher food and energy prices have put many more families into crisis, and they’ve had to turn to Food Banks to get the basics. Seniors on fixed incomes have been severely impacted, too.
• Nationally, eggs have increased 34% and white bread 15%, while milk prices in California have climbed 30% in the past year.  According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, gasoline prices in the Bay Area have gone up 36.4% in the past year.
• On top of dramatically higher food prices, the economic downturn has put even more families at risk of going hungry. All six Bay Area food banks are seeing increased numbers of clients in need, with longer lines at our grocery pantries. People often stand in line for hours to get food.

Government resources have been cut, making private donations crucial…
• Allotments of basic foods like rice, beans, and protein items from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to Bay Area food banks have dropped 50% in the last 5 years – from over 14 million pounds in 2003 to just 7 million in 2008.

How the 6 Bay Area food banks help…

• Every day, Bay Area food banks source, collect, sort, inspect and repackage hundreds of thousands of pounds of food. The food comes from supermarket chains, large manufacturers, wholesalers, produce packers and growers, restaurant suppliers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and food drives.
• Last year Bay Area Food banks distributed 96 million pounds of food into their communities, this year they are distributing over 102 million pounds of food – up more than 6%.
• This year Bay Area Food banks will distribute enough food for 219,000 meals every day. It goes out to neighborhood grocery pantries, soup kitchens, programs that serve homebound seniors, and more.

Here’s how you can help…
• For every comment this post receives indicating it has been read, Tyson Foods will donate 100 pounds of high-quality protein (up to a total of 200,000 pounds) to the six Bay Area food banks. Help us fill the trucks! Comment here (even one-word comments acceptable. One comment per visitor, please.  NOTE: Since our comments are moderated, it might take a bit to get them up, but we WILL get them up). To prevent spam, the comment form asks for an email address. Tyson will NOT harvest these emails or use them in any way whatsoever.

• Visit the website of your nearest food bank to learn more about how you can donate, volunteer and advocate to help end hunger where you live:
San Francisco Food Bank
Alameda Community Food Bank
Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano
Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties
Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties
Redwood Empire Food Bank
Many thanks to the Bay Area food bloggers who took on the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge. Without the attention they brought to this issue, Tyson’s donation would not have happened.

UPDATE!!!! As of Thursday, Oct. 2, less than one week after we began the effort, we reached our goal of 2000 comments, meaning ALL 200,000 pounds will be delivered to Bay Area Food Banks!  In fact, as of this writing, some of the food has already been delivered.  THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS!


Since 2000, Tyson Foods has been actively involved in the fight against hunger, contributing more than 53 million pounds of food to hunger and disaster relief.  This site will tell you more about the company’s ongoing efforts. 

This just in: We’ve had quite a few requests from commenters that we send some vegetarian items.  While we’re primarily a  meat protein company, we do make pizza crust.  We’re sending along  a bit of that.

2,153 Replies to “Hunger in the Bay Area – and How You Can Help”

  1. Beth


    It’s two years since you set this page up, but I just now heard about it.  Thank you.

  2. Faith Kramer

    I did the hunger challenge and even with all my advantages of  "not really" being hungry in america. it was tough.  Thanks to tyson for the donations.

  3. Chris Deacon

    Wow what an incredible thing Tyson is doing. I heard they are donating across the country as well. I read an article about how they are helping underprivilaged families of high school kids in the california area

  4. aberdeen Allen

    I applaud your efforts to feed the hungry.  If you can get all these people to contribute to feeding the hungry,  why end it with one truckload?  My family owns 110 acres of land in Ga. that is idle at present.  This land has been in our family since 1917.  We would be glad to allow this land to be used to raise food to be donated to food pantries across the country.  I am sure there are other families with idle land that could be used in a similar fashion.  President-Elect Obama has asked us to do our share in helping to get us through the coming tough times.  Using these small farms to grow food not for profit, but to feed people is one way we can help this new President turn this country around.  If this idea has merit, and you would like to discuss it further, I can be reached at this email address, or at (770) 603-9773.  Keep up the good work!

  5. Beth Goldberg

     Thank you for giving people a chance to get educated about hunger in the Bay Area, and then go ahead do something about it.

  6. Alexandra Livsey


    I only used it once, but the Potrero Food Pantry is terrific. A hot meal only goes so far.  I still, luckily, have my apartment, and every bit of food I received from the food pantry was utilized. Extremely valuable groceries. Thank you!!!

  7. Sandra

       Everyone is feeling the pinch in this economy, and although I’d like to be able to rescue the world – or at least a few Bay Area families, with school-age kids and college expenses, I simply don’t have the resources to stretch further. 

       This is a creative way to solicit corporate donations and I thank you, TYSON for your generous contributions!

  8. George Cunningham

    The Alameda Food Bank  will need over 600 turkeys this Thanksgiving and they could have trouble meeting this goal.    The food bank is located at 1900 Thau Way, Alameda, Ca 94501.  Please donate turkeys to this great organization.

    Thank you

    George Cunningham



  9. Nick


    I hadn’t checked my emails in while and and just read the  SF Food bank’s newsletter.  I donate to the food bank over the three years and am grateful for their service.  I just recently found a new job after not working for the last five months.  It is great to work again but the wage kind of covers my monthly living expenses (rent, utilities, health insurance, transportation, and food). 

    As I’ve tightened my living costs I make hard choices on what foods I buy.  Besides luxury foods, most regularly priced foods are gone too.  I seem to chose what is on sale at four stores and the farmer’s market.  I wonder if I’ll become a client of the Food bank as well as a donor if the economy doesn’t change.

    So when I read that Tyson gave so much, I just have to say "Thank You!!!"  It is great that you’ve done this.  



  10. Simon

    Thanks, Tyson, you’re setting a great example of giving and charity and you are very generous – you give us all hope!


  11. Shawn

    Thanks, Tyson Foods.  You have my support.  Your donation inspires hope.  Let’s all add our light to the sum of light.   

  12. Deb


    Tyson heard of the Hunger Challenge through Twitter?!! How cool is that?! Congratulations and a hearty thanks for all you are doing in San Francisco, and have done in other cities. Though I live in the midwest, I happily do what I can to support hunger inititiatives. Well done.

  13. Jeffrey


    Great job Tyson!!  Keep up the efforts to show other companies how to be spontaneously philanthropic!

  14. brie

    thank you so much tyson! i will definitely buy your products with the knowlege that you are a company that is aware of the hunger problem not only in the bay area, but in all parts of our country.

  15. Anton Oscar Iorga

    I can’t believe this… this sounds too good to be true, I spend my days clicking to help charities & this is the greatest gift I’ve ever witnessed… 100 pounds per comment, wow… thank you to Tyson Hunger Relief!!!!!

  16. Pamela Abad

     Thanks for providing food for those in need! Tyson Chicken is delicious and nourishing food.

  17. Preemie Mama


    Thank you for stepping up and doing something. I’m sure a lot of hungry little mouths appreciate it.

  18. Preemie Mama


    Thank you for stepping up and doing something. I’m sure a lot of hungry little mouths appreciate it.

  19. John Russo


    Tyson’s donation was huge, beyond anyones expectation. Thank you for giving back and helping. Hopefully the food will go to those truly in need. Anyone reading this will probably agree Tyson is truly one of a number of great American Companies. The financial institutions that hurt so many Americans should learn from Tyson’s efforts.


  20. Elie


    Thank you!

    Everyone deserves food, no one should be going hungry. What you are doing is so important, keep it up!

  21. Taina Niu

    Thank you for doing this!! Makes my heart melt when there are people willing to do something good for each other.  GOD BLESS!!

  22. Vickie Babcock

    We must all do our part to ensure that children within the United States do not go hungry.  Thank you to Tyson for helping.

  23. Sally Calef

    This is such a challenging time for all of us, but particularly for those in need. I do appreciate Tyson’s help in providing such wanted and needed source of protein for those in need in San Francisco Bay Area.

    Thanks for your help and support.

    Sally Calef

  24. Lynn_in_Sac

         Good works here!  Great outreach to help and educate on healthy low cost meals too.

  25. Karen Melchers

    Compassion and caring are the greatest gifts of all.  Thank you for exhibiting those qualities.

  26. Cynthia

    I like Tyson but rarely buy the brand as it is a bit more expensive.

    After reading this I will buy it often because the few cents are helping others.

  27. Kit Battermann

     Great that enough comments were received; and glad to know that all 200,000 pounds will be delivered.  Can more be added?????

  28. Fatemah Nikchehi

    Thank you for being such a generous organization donating food to people in need.


    You Rock!!


  29. Owen Lee

    Thanks to Tyson and all the people who contribute to this program for thier efforts toward a good cause. 

  30. Kristi

    What a wonderful program! Keep up the great work and keep that food deliveries up!!


    Thank you!

  31. Maurice


    Keep on your work. I’m impressed about your engagement and your enthausiasm!

    Best wishes from Germany,


  32. Mary

    After reading this, I will be purchasing more Tyson food products for sure, and will make a point to check in with my local food bank and make a contribution.  What a amazing contribution, Tyson!


  33. HMcT

    Families in America should not be going hungry. Programs like this are one way that citizens can work TOGETHER with companies to do a little good within our communities. 

  34. Kathy Lukens

    I do care, and I buy your products.  Please help feed our hungry.  It helps so much to have folks like you take an interest in saving lives. 

  35. judy wigginton


    Thank you for your efforts to educate and help those in need. It inspires us to do the same.

  36. James

    Thanks Tyson and yes, I CARE! To all, please take a moment and donate your time, money or food.

  37. Hilary

    As a new member of the Alameda county community, I’m so happy to see so many people coming together to help their fellow citizens.  Thank you to the Alameda County Food Bank for bringing awareness to this epidemic.

  38. Christopher Vuong

    Hunger is a problem everywhere, even in our own backyard. Don’t forget about helping our neighbors. One day, it might be us.

  39. carol hill

    as a recipient of food from the san mateo food bank I want to say thank you to all that give.  I am an older previous taxpaying worker that has become disabled.  I would love to be able bodied and have more choice in my life but since I am not likely to have that as a choice I have to rely on help from you.  again thank you.

  40. Christopher

    The importance of this issue is enormous.  Hungry in this city should be addressed and it appears that Tyson is contributing to providing a solution to this problem

  41. Mark O'Kane Construction Company, Millbrae Califor


    Dear Tyson foods company, Thank You for  your massive effort in feeding the poorest people in California.

    Without You… what would they do?

    Message to Wall Street "greed is not good".

    Good Luck and God Bless

  42. Aaron Gregory

    Thank you for reaching out to the community, this is a great effort and I am happy to see tyson’s involvement in such a cause.


  43. Michelle

       Hunger and homelessness are serious problems in the bay area.  with the current state of the economy and cold weather on it’s way it is more important than ever to support these programs that provides meals to those who need it most. 

  44. Tom

    Thanks for bringing attention to the problem and doing more then your share to help people in need.

  45. Juliana


    I heard that Tyson will donate 100lbs of food per comment.  That’s very generous.  Thank you for helping SF!

  46. Grace

    Hunger is heartbreaking to see. Thank you Tyson for helping to put food on the table for the less fortunate.

  47. Lisa Giarretto

    Thanks for the reminder that each of us can help even in a small way.  It is good to see Tyson and other companies contributing to their communities.  No one should want for food. 

  48. Martin O'Kane

     Hello good people at Tyson, Thanks for your generosity in helping our Bay Area community. Next times I’m at the shops it’s straight to the chicken counter….

    Regards, martin

  49. Corrine

    Thank you Tyson foods for stepping up and sending HIGH QUALITY  foods to those in need !!I will remember your generosity when I’m doing my shopping.



  50. Daniela

    Thanks for helping the hungry. I work in the restaurant industry and I wish there would be a way to donate leftover (but still useable) foods from restaurants. In Austria (thats where i was born & raised) we had a program called "die tafel" who would pick up goods at restaurants and grocers.


  51. callen Kurpinsky

     Thank you for your donation to those in need in the Bay Area.  Hunger is a huge issue in the Bay Area and in the US.  It is always amazes me that we live in such a rich and developed country but there are so many hungry people.  Thank you for shinning the light on this huge problem.

  52. Jen Test

    Great idea Tyson.  Thanks for helping our local food banks, as this is a big problem recently.

  53. Rosey

    Despite being a vegetarian, I absolutely admire this endeavour.

    Good work, Tyson. And thank you.

  54. Natalie


    What a wonderful to help out. Thank you for doing this Tyson. I wish more companies would sign on.

  55. Dawn Leininger

              Now more than ever we need to help those who are hungry.  There are many!!

    Thank you.


  56. Steve Kirch

         With the economy in a shambles, it’s great that Tyson foods is going to help out hungry people. Thank you !

  57. Carolyn Ridley

    In this county, the richest in the world, NO ONE should go hungry.

    Thank you for you help.

  58. Roberta Brooks


    Thank you for doing this.  Especially at this time of economic instability.  Roberta

  59. Judith A. Pease

    God’s blessings to all the Tyson personnel for loving their neighbor as they should.

  60. Brett

    For those reading, don’t just post.  Follow the links and VOLUNTEER!  You will be glad you did.

  61. rod

    thank you tyson foods ..for the help to the needy, and for the sprinkle of good news to this recent otherwise gloomy-painted times

  62. LG

    Its a great job being done by tyson food @ this stage of economy and @ this stage of high inflation.  Really appreciate it.

  63. Anonymous


    There are people going hungry across the Bay Area everyday.  Lets mobilize and help!goog

  64. Sheetal

    Thank you Tyson for helping to fight against hunger. We all need to work together to help our fellow american lead a happier and healthier life…it is up to each and everyone of us!

  65. Bay Area Mom

    This is amazing, thank you for your generosity!  I buy Tyson products,  actually prefer them and this will make me buy even more.  Hope this inspires generosity from even more companies because hunger is unacceptable and not only during the holidays.

  66. Charles Aguilar

    The food banks in the bay area could use as many donations as possible, so please donate to them and feed the hungry.

  67. Amy L

    It is awesome that Tyson is doing this, I have been to the SF Food Bank, and they definitely need the donations!!

  68. Erika

    Thanks Tyson! I just heard today that our local food banks have no food. Thank you for helping!

  69. Erika

    Thanks Tyson! I just heard today that our local food banks have no food. Thank you for helping!

  70. Tim Geraghty

    "Kudos" to Tyson Foods for their generous support in the fight against hunger!  As a member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Food Bank, I can tell you that Tyson’s support is both important and impressive.  Thanks very much.  Tim Geraghty

  71. Shelina Pabani

    Thank you Tyson for your support against hunger in our community. You are providing a great example. Hopefully many other company’s will follow your lead!

  72. Kelly

    Food Banks are important resources for many people.  Thanks for being concerned with what matters, making people’s lives better.

  73. Barbara Hardacre

         Hunger should not be an issue in our evolved and developed communities. End it.

  74. Steffanie

    What an incredible initiative-it’s great to know big corporations are still helping out in this economical uncertain time!

  75. Peggy Tuesday

    The CA state budget has been passed and the underserved and most needy need more help than ever.   Thank you for this generous offering to the local food banks.

  76. Peggy Tuesday

    The CA state budget has been passed and the underserved and most needy need more help than ever.   Thank you for this generous offering to the local food banks.

  77. Fiona Nyuli


    I live in Canada, but have been reading the Inadvertent Gardener’s blog about the Hunger Challenge and would like to commend Tyson Foods for their response to the hunger problem.

  78. Kerry O'Brien


    I am a single, working mother in Santa Cruz county, and the struggle and expense to live here is ridiculous.  Watching the gap between the affluent and the working poor is so painful for me, and I can only pray that more people will wake up to the problem of hunger in their backyard and volunteer and contribute.  May there be enough for all.

  79. Marjorie Johnk

    This is a huge contribution by Tyson,  Thank you very much for all who need this kind of help.

  80. Jennifer Owens


    Thanks for lending a helping hand in the US. I hear some much about foreign need but I know it is needed badly here in the US.

  81. Robin Dunbar

     I walk to work along the Embarcadero every morning and see homeless people living in the streets, eating out of garbage cans.  I so hope your efforts Tyson will help these people get back on feet, eating well.  Thanks for your efforts in feeding the homeless and needy.  You rock!

  82. Michele Williams

    Thanks Tyson for all you are doing to help with the hunger crisis we are currently facing.

  83. Michele Williams

    Thanks Tyson for all you are doing to help with the hunger crisis we are currently facing.

  84. Sharon

    Thank you Tyson!  Everyone, volunteer at your local foodbank – it’s a great experience and a great way to help those in need and support a vital resource for our communities.  Now more than ever!

  85. Zeb Hubunsky

    I must admit that I have generally held a low opinion of Tyson as a company, but that was before I was aware of this program. It is both generous and much needed. Thanks Tyson.

  86. Ronald Rigge

    Dear Sirs,

    As I work once a month at a local soup kitchen I am very aware how many people require assistance with obtaining daily food for their families.  Food banks are a critical resource in these days of increasing need.

    Thank you Tyson,


  87. Kevin McConnen

    Thank you very much for helping to deal with an overlooked problem.  More companies should show the compassion you are.  Kevin

  88. kat


    What a wonderful idea….thanks for giving us an opportunity to show our support AND for making an effort to help. It does make a difference.

  89. Jennifer

    Dear Tyson,

    Thank you for your generous efforts to relieve hunger in the Bay Area.  I support, appreciate and notice the thoughtful donations some corporations choose to make on behalf of the community.

    Thank you.

  90. Kirsten Chapman

    Tyson thank you for educating people about the problem and promoting a way to help.


  91. Jai Lambert

    Read the story. There are too many people living with "food insecurity" including over 400,000 people right here in Arkansas. Why don’t we do something to help them? 

  92. Billie Worley

    In this time of national crisis and economic hardship, it’s great to see a corporation stepping up to the plate and helping to care for our citizens. Thanks Tyson. Job well done!

  93. Paul

     The Bay Area Food Banks provide a valuable resource so important both in good times and times of economic crisis. Please make a donation to insure no one goes hungry.

  94. Chez US


    Hunger is becoming a big issue and with the threat of a depression, there needs to be some immediate changes made.  This is fantastic that Tyson is doing this, I hope it happens! 

  95. Nicole

    Though I am a supporter of locally & sustainably grown, nutritious, and above all: humanely raised and humanely processed animal meat and products, this program has heart. I hope that my comment positively affects people in need while at the same time sends the message to Tyson that I would not buy their foods because of their practices. A compliment and a criticism at once. How often do you get to do that and help feed the hungry at the same time?

  96. Celeste Smeland


    Tyson – thank you for helping to make a difference and to take action in feeding people.

    The community certainly needs it, and we appreciate it. 

  97. Beth Gousman

    I volunteer with the SF Food Bank on a regular basis and can personally vouch for the critical work that they do.  Thank you for your assistance at this difficult time.

  98. Yamila Rashed

     I think what Tyson is doing is a wonderful thing.  The Bay Area may not be on the news everyday but people are going hungry here as well.  Thank you for doing this.

  99. Dixie Weyel

    I am so thrilled to hear that you are “rescuing” many famililes in the Bay Area with your food donations. God Bless You!!!

  100. Stacy Mar

    Thank you Tyson for doing this! What a great thing! Hunger and food shortage is a huge problem that isn’t getting nearly enough attention as this problem will seem to grow as the global warming crisis continues to worsen. Would have been nice if we allocate some of that $700 billion bailout for such immediate basic human needs…

  101. Yoshie

    It brings me great comfort to know that there are companies like Tyson that care about people in need.  Tyson, your actions speak volumes.  Bravo!!

  102. Lee Sherman

    Volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank one time really clued me in to what a fantastic organization it is. I welcome this opportunity to support the work they do on behalf of the hungry.

  103. barbara


    one hundred pounds of protein per comment !!
    thank you – that is a giant step in feeding the hungry.

  104. Joyce Stern

         What a wonderful — awesomely wonderful — thing you are doing for SF Bay Area food banks. Thank you so much; you’ve definitely made my day brighter! ~ Joyce

  105. Kara Nielsen


    Thanks, Tyson, for your generous donations to the food banks. I’m sure they will be most welcome.

  106. robin

    i love food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know that, and my pet rats love food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Lisa Barnes

    Having taken the hunger challenge and blogging about it on, I have a better understanding of what it means to provide food for a family with such little means.  The donation from Tyson will be a help to many who need it.

  108. Kat

    Thanks for taking care of the less fortunate. I hope Tyson will consider making its products from more sustainable sources. I have concerns about unnessary antibiotics use in animals that we consume. Also, I believe healthy animals become healthy food.

  109. Patti Arlotta

    Thank you tyson for being so supportive. In the fifteen years that I have been feeding my three children, I am shocked at how fast food prices have risen. I used to buy a roll for my childrens lunch at 33 cents last year.  This year they are 49 cents. And I can’t believe the price of shamppo. $3.79 used to be a normal price, now its $6.00. Anyway, thanks for helping the food banks

  110. Barbara

         Thanks for reaching out and helping others in the Samaritan Spirit.  I hope that this effort will inspire many more like it!

  111. Chip O'Lini

    People starving and thirsting, grain elevators are bursting
    Oh, you know it costs more to store the food than it do to give it.
    They say lose your inhibitions, follow your own ambitions,
    They talk about a life of brotherly love, show me someone who knows how to live it. There’s a slow, slow train comin’ up around the bend.

                                                                                                                            – Bob Dylan

  112. Richard J


    Thank you Tyson for doing this.  There are lots of people who need this help, and I am glad to see a large food corporation help feed people.

  113. Sydney Adams

    Greetings, all – Awesomely  inspiring, people.  So much so, in fact, that I just cleaned out our refrigerator and will focus on using everything up.  All here are wowed – that says a lot.  Thanks very much, everyone!  Sincerely,

  114. susan

    Thanks Tyson!  what a great & giving way to start the fall season – and a challenge to all of us to reach a little deeper to help those who need help this year.

  115. Sydney Adams

    Greetings, all – Awesomely  inspiring, people.  So much so, in fact, that I just cleaned out our refrigerator and will focus on using everything up.  All here are wowed – that says a lot.  Thanks very much, everyone!  Sincerely,

  116. JennieB!

    Thank you SO much for your donations and efforts.  


    Every year my co-workers and I volunteer at the SF Food Bank and follow it up with a food drive at our office.  It’s so much fun and seems so appreciated by the foodbank.   I encourage everyone out there to commit 1 evening –  4 hours! – to their local foodbank.  You and many of hungry members of your community will benefit.     

  117. Sara

    Less than 300 people to go!  Efforts like these really help me regain faith in both people and corporations.

  118. Joe Bryant

    Tyson Foods, thanks for your donation and support for assisting people who are hungry in the San Francisco area.

  119. Brad Keller

    Thank you Tyson.  I may have to count up what I spend for food in a week and then try out the $21.00 week and donate the balance to our local homeless shelter.

  120. Katie Brown


    thank you for taking note of the need across the US. it’s easy to forget that we live in a place where people all around us need help.

  121. Katie Brown


    thank you for taking note of the need across the US. it’s easy to forget that we live in a place where people all around us need help.

  122. Susan L. Hendricks

     Thanks for all you do.  Can you send anything to the islands of Hawaii?  We have some bays too… and plenty hungry people!  Our shelves in the Maui Food Bank are desperate.  The island of Molokai is really hurting.  With the great weather here, we have plenty of homeless and anything would be appreciated.  Take care of the Bay Area.  I lived there for 7 years and know it is really needed there.  (Susan L. Hendricks)

  123. Kristie

    Thank you, Tyson Foods, for stepping up to the plate. There is no reason why we should have starving people in the United States!

  124. Joanne


    Hi! Read about your donation on’s blog! Wonderful news. I volunteer at the Itman food bank in Mullens, WV – would be great if you could send some food their way. They are always overwhelmed by families in need. I can give you contact info if you’d like to help there too.




  125. Beat goes on

    Now that Wall Street needs rescuing, many local charities are in des[erate need to fibd new donors/sponsors to keep their organizations afloat.  Thank you, Tyson, for keeping the "trucks rolling"  in your philanthropic activities!

  126. John Linderman

    Thank you for making a committment to feed the hungry. I will continue to support you by buying your products.

  127. mllt becker


    As a cynical type person I generally look askance at what I consider advertising.

    That being said I find myself looking with great admiration towards a company like Tyson Foods that sees a real need and digs into its profits to help aleviate that need. So my hat is off to you. and you should be aware that I will be looking very favorably towards any of your products when shopping.

  128. Agwarrior

    Tysons Foods is to be congratulated for their involvement in the fight against hunger.  53 million pounds of food donated since 2000 is quite a blessed gift to those in need.  I would only hope that other large corporate entities would donate food or funding on this scale in order to relieve a problem of this magnitude in our own country, especially in light of the current economic woes, with probably more to come. 

    Hopefully those of us that are working above the poverty line will give to local area food banks, particularly during the upcoming holidays.  Giving your time as well as dollars is equally important to those in need.



  129. Wendy

    This is an awesome contribution!!  Thanks Tyson!  Many hungry (or soon to not be hungry) people also thank you.

  130. Kathy

    Thank you so much, Tyson Foods, for your generous efforts to help alleviate hunger in the San Francisco Bay Area, where so many families, eldery, and others are in need of help.  I hope that other companies will follow your example!

  131. Chris Fitzsimons

     Thank you Tyson for what you are doing to change these staggering statistics.  Tyson will continue to be my brand of choice!

  132. Jean Cooper

    Hunger is a serious issue in San Francisco and as a major food provider for the poor and homeless in the City, I commend you for making a commitment to help us serve our Famous Fried Chicken to our community.


  133. Frank Davis

    I came here to make a brief comment in order to support the effort…but the information on this page has encouraged me to find out how else I can help the local food banks. Thanks!

  134. Tisha

    Finding solutions for the global epidemics of poverty and hunger will require the wisdom and compassion of every single one of us.  Thank you, Tyson, for contributing and inspiring others to contribute as well.

  135. Barbara


    Tyson, thanks for doing this.  Now more than ever people need help putting food on the table during the holidays.

  136. Lisa Dinsmore


    Reading about "The Hunger Challenge" was a huge eye-opener and it’s great that Tyson is stepping up to the plate to help out. Thanks for making a difference.

  137. Tom Sinagra

    Thank you Tysons for your generosity in helping those in need. I wish that more companies would follow your example.

  138. Aileen

    Tyson, you are doing a great work of charity.  Thank you for sharing your prosperity with the less fortunate! 

  139. Bev Axelrad

         I, too, care.  Please help those who need our help, least we may be in the same situation someday.

  140. Jill

    Wow! So great to read that a large company is making such an impact on a local region. The efforts are to be commended!

  141. Amber


    I read about this entry on Beth’s blog and just couldn’t ignore it. It would be ridiculous if I were too lazy to comment on an entry when it could help other people.

  142. Christina Sunley

    It’s more important than ever to raise awareness about hunger in the Bay Area. With food prices, gas, and rents skyrocketing, working poor people and seniors are really struggling to put food on the table. Protein is especially expensive, so this donation will really help!

  143. Christine Justice

    I think it is commendable for Tyson to give back to the community, and the Bay Area is my community.

    Thank you for giving back

  144. joanna stockham

    Hard to believe it takes over $50,000 to make ends meet!  I remember a time when that seemed like a ton of money.  Thanks for what you are doing to help feed our hungry.

  145. Krishna Clemon

    I think this will be a big help to the food banks and also open the eyes of the public to provide assistance.

  146. E

    This is a great effort by Tyson to help those in need in the Bay Area, and a reminder to all of us to do our part too. Thanks!

  147. Claudia Madison

    We cannot do too much to help prevent hunger or food insecurity, which is not a bad term when considered the following light:

    Insecurity = stress, which decreases health, increases stress hormones, and helps contribute to obesity. Consider the stress created in parents who cannot be sure they will be able to feed their children nutritious foods on a daily basis.

    Insecurity leads to irregular eating habits, perhaps a huge meal at a soup kitchen followed by no food the rest of the day or regular meals at the beginning of the month followed by no food or less nutritious food at the end of the month.

    Not only do food banks need to be supported in their efforts to secure and distribute healthy  foods, but we need advocacy for increases in food stamp amounts (to keep up with inflation) and benefits amounts (ditto) .

    Thanks for this opportunity.


  148. Molly


    In a time like this in the world. We could all use a little generosity in the world. Thank you for sharing your resources and setting the example that we are going to have to start depending on each other more.

  149. Robin

    I’m wondering how the food suppliers will be able to process all the food, and if it isn’t a good idea that Tyson donate the food in long-term installments?  I’ve volunteered in food banks before where the excess amount of food and low number of workers resulted in "truckloads" of food being thrown into a dumpster.

  150. Beth


    Tyson, thanks for your work on hunger relief.  I hope you will also expand this concern to explore alternatives to feedlots and non-sustainable methods that hurt consumers and our earth.  It won’t bring you as much good publicity as a donation to a foodbank, but it will make a bigger difference in the long run.

  151. Bucky

    Dwindling supplies at food banks has become a big problem here in Houston as well. This is an impressive effort by Tyson. I’m sure many of us will be reaching accross for Tyson products when we are shopping in support of this sort of work.

  152. Bala K Sharma

    Help provided by Tyson Foods will definitely add values to the Alameda County Community Hunger Relief Program.  Thanks to Tyson Foods for Community Participation.

  153. Erin


    Thank you for doing this! I’m not from the US, but I think everybody should do something to help all over the world.

  154. Bala K Sharma

    Help provided by Tyson Foods will definitely add values to the Alameda County Community Hunger Relief Program.  Thanks to Tyson Foods for Community Participation.

  155. carly s


    I no longer live in San Francisco, but I came across this on some blogs and know that a lot of residents need this help and I’m sure they and the many people who work hard to help them every day will appreciate this donation.  Thanks!


    Thank you for making a contribution – its great to see a company that produces a product I buy — care to help out the communities. 

  157. Ana-Marie Jones


    Thank you Tyson Foods for helping to address the everyday emergency of families not having enough food to eat. The Alameda County Community Food Bank is a great organization, we work with them on disaster preparedness issues. I’m happy to see you are supporting them. Thank you!

  158. Susan Massey

    Over the weekend we were reading about the new wave of homeless, hungry families in Utah in the last 6 months.  It is good to see that there are concerned corporations who

    care about the well being of those in need.  Thank you Tyson.

  159. J. Smith

    It is nice to know that we can all make difference by teaming up as a united force on issues such as hunger and poverty. Thank you.

  160. J. Smith

    It is nice to know that we can all make difference by teaming up as a united force on issues such as hunger and poverty. Thank you.

  161. Joelyn

    Thank you Tyson Foods for your contribution to Fight Hunger in the Bay Area, and elsewhere.  The challenge seems to be greater every time we turn around.

  162. carly s


    I no longer live in San Francisco, but I came across this on some blogs and know that a lot of residents need this help and I’m sure they and the many people who work hard to help them every day will appreciate this donation.  Thanks!

  163. Nancy Griswold

    It’s nice to see a company step up to really help people who are hurting in this economy.  Anyone could find themselves in need of help.  Thanks, Tyson!

  164. Lisa Johnson

    I’m posting a comment because although I do not live in the Bay area (I live in Boston), I am a loyal follower of and Abi wants us to contribute to a very noble cause.  I contribute to our local food bank and I’m happy to see Tyson, actually my very favorite for their frozen Crispy Chicken Strips, contributing!

  165. Diane

    What a wonderful thing to do!  Thank you, Tyson Foods for being so generous and putting food on so many needy tables.  My hat is off to you.

  166. DSH

    Thank you for your willingness to help in CA.  Please consider the Delaware Valley as well (SE PA, S NJ and N DE).  I participate with my church in a project that provides a daily cooked lunch for the hungry in the poorest section of Wilmingtin, DE.  This past month we saw a huge increase in people coming to eat, from an average of about 140 to 200 per day.  And this increase even though the kids who show up in summer are now back in school and eating there!  The ministry is called Emmanuel Dining Room. 

    There are many hungry on the East Coast, too.  

  167. Michelle Tan

    Very generous Tyson. You are setting the bar high. Hope other companies will follow your good will…

  168. Marthe Patterson

    Thank you Tyson, and thanks to all of the hard-working food bank employees and volunteers who make it possible for families to share a meal.

  169. Joan Smith

     Thank you Tyson for helping those in need.  It is wonderful to see your company step up to the plate.

  170. Jim Holtan

    A nation where wealth abounds — and the assumption that human rights will flourish — should never tolerate hunger in its population.


  171. Fran

    This is how we change our world for the better!  Those who have enough, or more than enough, share with those who don’t.  Vote for change!  Let’s work together to create the world we want to live in.  Thank you Tyson.

  172. Scott

    Thanks Tyson for donating food to feed the hungry!  To help alleviate this problem as well as so many others our country is facing make sure to VOTE.

  173. Ted Stewart

    It’s great to see a step like this being made by a corporate entity.  Even when things like this are done, it’s usually done more for the attention garnered than out of a genuine desire to do good.

    By not only offering food, but in showing others how they can help outside of this drive, Tyson shows a strong moral backbone that we rarely see these days.  Kudos!

  174. Charles


    I have not been able to help as much at the Food Bank as I’d like, but it’s good to see that you guys are taking up this great cause.  Thanks!

  175. kathy greer

    Thank you Tyson!!!  First of all, you make the best tasting chicken on the market.  Your donation is personal because I have been coming alongside friends bordering on homelessness and food from Food Banks is what keeps them going.  Bless you for all you do!


  176. Carolyn Doyle

    I have worked at a homeless shelter in the Bay Area and I know first hand, how important this issue is. Thank you, Tyson, for being a leader in our community and helping fight this crisis in such econmic hard times. Your philanthropy and community involvement does not got unnoticed or unappreciated!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  177. Ivonne

    That’s a good idea. Much better than putting money into a fonds you don’t know what happens with. Thank you.

  178. liz vollmer

    i have been involved in securing services for homeless women and children for many years, and am thankful for any and all help we can receive to make those services available.  thank you.

  179. Debbie P.

    What a great way to raise awareness of the hunger problem.  I hope your program will inspire others to also be generous.

  180. Angela M Winslett

    Thank you…My family really does care that people are helping and we will schedule time in for volunteering for the holidays!!!

  181. Charleen Kubota


    In addition to feeding the hungry we have an obligation to educate them to empower them with knowledge and skills to feed themselves.

  182. Mogget

    Thanks for helping out the Bay Area. Is this going on anywhere else in the US? Are any other food producers getting in on this? I hope so. Keep up the good work!!

  183. Carrie

    Thanks for the contribution.  Please send meat that has been raised without the use of growth hormones or preventative antibiotics.  Even better if the livestock or fowl have been raised in outdoor, spacious conditions.

  184. Esther Wong

    It is great to have protein food helping the families who are in financial crisis and have no food on the table.  This is much needed at this economic downturn.  Our Asian families really appreciate this donation.

  185. Jean Simpson

    Thank you.  It is inspiring to know that there are corporations such as Tyson that care about such a tragic and needless problem in our country.

  186. Nyani Martin


    It seems hard to credit — so much generosity for such an easy action — but here I am commenting, hoping that this is true. Thank you for doing this, Tyson!

  187. Sarah

         Thanks for providing for those folks who are struggling during this time of financial uncertainty! I’ve volunteered at one of these foodbanks, and plan to volunteer more. It’s such a great cause, and great to see a big company spread their profits around! 🙂

  188. Kevin Kelly

         Thank you, Tyson, for your compassionate work….and cleverness at making this a community effort!


  189. Michele

    helo Tyson, thank you for helping those less fortunate. I know I can speak for the whole community that it is wonderful to see a for profit company step-up and give in-king to those in need! Keep up the GOOD work! Michele

  190. Suzanne

    This is a wonderful thing for you to do.  I admire that your corporation can find such a great way to give back to the communities that fund your success!

  191. Dennis


    I’m so happy something is being done on the higher-up levels.  This is the type of example that everyone should look to for guidance.  Our consciences alone should tell us this is something we should be proactive about.  Everyone, if not most people, remembers a time in their lives when they were a paycheck away from broke.  Kudos to everyone involved.

  192. Heidi Gonzalez

    Awesome! I’ve been a volunteer at the San Jose brank of the Second Harvest Food Bank, San Jose, for more than 15 years… I love seeing this awareness building approach!

  193. Sheryl L. Hawes

    Thank you Tyson Foods for helping!    I am so glad that your company will support this type of donation and have employees in place to help out local communities.   Thank you again and your efforts are applauded!    Sheryl Hawes, Manager, and Oakland resident.

  194. Michelle R. Owings-Christian


    Thank you very much, Tyson Foods, for reaching out and helping out.   I am commenting from New Jersey… It is very awesome that you are reaching out.  Many people are out of work (including me) and those of us who are "middle-class" can feel that slipping away.  I don’t know what the future holds…. I am happy that a corporation cares enough about people who are hungry to do this.

  195. Maureen Magrath

    With all the negativity in the news right now, it’s nice to hear something positive and generous.  Thanks for helping out!

  196. Kristin

    Thanks for this contribution. I look forward to you extending your care for people by working on more sustainable and healthy ways to grow your chickens.

  197. G Seligson & D White

    As long time contributors to the Foodbank, we are delighted to see Tyson yet again support Alameda County residents through this generous donation!

  198. Kelly Colwell


    I think it’s so wonderful that Tyson Foods has the ability to see a need in the area and step up to meet that need.  If only other corporations would do the same!

  199. Graham Richards

    Hi, Beth Kanter sent me!

    We don’t seem to have anything like this operating in the UK. The only places with food banks are night shelters for the homeless, but then we have national Social Services that tries to make sure families don’t go hungry. You guys are great at responding to local needs in the community and with a company like Tyson’s backing this. This is really good corporate responsibility in action. I take my hat off to Tyson’s management and staff!


    Good luck.



         I think this is a great thing tyson is doing. I wish they would spread to other communities, too. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and our foodbank is in dire need.

    Thanks to tyson, again!!

  201. Lesley V


    The Alameda County Community Food Bank has helped me through some difficult times.  Thank you for helping me give back to them through you.  "a chicken in every pot",,, a smile on every hungry child’s face.  Thank you.

  202. Lesley V


    The Alameda County Community Food Bank has helped me through some difficult times.  Thank you for helping me give back to them through you.  "a chicken in every pot",,, a smile on every hungry child’s face.  Thank you.

  203. Steve H

    Commented earlier, and I was off by a decimal.

    1214 comments x 100 = 121400, divided by 4 (average size of fryer) comes to 30350 chickens.

    Which means, halfway there!

  204. Steve H

    So far, 1214 comments showing, which means, 12140 pounds of high-protein food.

    This is 3033 chickens, approximately, based on the average 4 pound whole fryer.

    A great start!

  205. Corvi

    Thank you for doing this project! I don’t live in the Bay Area, and it is always amazing to me how high the cost of housing and basic staple foods are there. I am so glad there are people who help others make it.

  206. Amy Jussel


    So thrilled to see you using the power of media for positive change. Just read about you on Beth Kanter’s blog, and as a Bay Area nonprofit (who actually was recruited by Tyson at one point as an ad agency exec, but I didn’t nibble, due to relocation) I must say, your CSR is stellar and makes me smile to attest to the fact that corporations can ‘leverage the power’ for good! Congrats, and keep up the great work! (p.s. I deliver food for Samaritan House here on the peninsula, so I hope they’re a benefactor too!) 🙂

     Amy Jussel, Founder/Exec. Dir.


  207. Kerry


    This is such a wonderful idea. The cost of living is so high here, and the price of food is soaring – there’s a lot of stuff we’ve had to give up, and we’re nowhere near the poverty line.

  208. Melissa Field


    This is a fabulous idea!  Has Tyson considered "challenging" competitor companies to do the same?  Just think of how many more people could be fed, if every large corporation was as thoughtful and caring as Tyson is showing itself to be!

  209. Rosemary Howley

    In this time of economic uncertainty, it is especially important to remember the poorest members of our society.  Thank you.

  210. B Morrison


    It is great to see this level of concern by Tyson – and I am sure that those touched directly by this generosity will be truly grateful.  I am thankful for Tyson’s support!!  Thanks.

  211. JC Alaqua


    I love to see companies making the effort for positive social impact.  What a great program!  Thanks for doing it Tyson.

  212. lolcat

         It’s good to see an initative like this one. So many food banks around the world could be so lucky as to have you guys!

  213. Nguyet

    This is so awesome. Tyson foods will really help many families  who couldnt afford to eat  healthy food to  eat more protein and healthy way, This also Stop the hungers. Thank you so much !

  214. Melissa

    It’s admirable to see a company go above and beyond when it comes to helping the community. Thank you. 🙂

  215. Devin


    I love this idea because it looks to educate people, which is so important.  Yes, anyone can just comment and go without really reaing the post, but the fact that you made sure to EXCLUDE spam and repeats is telling.  As long as real individuals are commenting, they are likely to read it once they arrive at the site.  It’s wonderful what you guys are doing =)