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We have less than one month until we will elect our next President.  While this seemed quite far away two years ago when they began campaigning, several things have changed in our world, yet one things remains constant: the need to provide more food for those who simply do not have the needed nutritional resources. 
Since politics is such a “sticky wicket” as I am inclined to mention on occasion, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the power each of us has in the decision to feed our friends, neighbors and family members who are in need.
While it is easy to complain about a party’s position regarding the war, financial upheaval and a number of other critical areas where big government has dropped the ball, I would pose this question to all candidates: What is your position on food, and exactly how many meals do you think a person needs each day to survive, to thrive, to grow…………?   When they look at you with a what is likely to be a mouthful of rhetoric, take a deep breath and remember that the answer is quite easy: More than what millions of Americans are getting today. 
I would suggest we take one billion dollars and feed a few million people that cannot make ends meet, not because of what they have done or didn’t do.  But because they simply do not have the resources. 
I am amazed that a financial crisis which moves 700 billion dollars to purchase bad financial paper can bring a grown men to tears, while the thought of a family living on one meal a day–with that meal at risk–barely causes a facial nod. 
So what can we do in this situation?  Get out and vote.  Call the campaign office of the person you are considering for this honored office and ask what their position is on food.  Simple……..don’t take “no” for an answer.  Instead, think of the more than 35 million people in the United States who are food insecure.  It is an argument we cannot afford to lose.

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  1. Ana Lorena Hart

    Good morning, eveyone!

    Excellent blog post. From the hundreds of questions candidates have been asked very few actually get to the core of the every day challenges American’s face. There is one more TV presidential candidates debate. Let’s find the way to at least get this question asked. I’ll give it a try!

    Also, let’s remember local elections. Mayors also have in their hands the power to have a positive impact against hunger.

    Casting your vote is one of the most essential ways to participate in the political process, but there are other ways. Asking the right questions -never mind the answers, taking someone to the polls whom otherwise would have not been able to cast their vote, attend debates, email back those politicians sending you thousands of their campaing messaging… and many other ways.

    I take a stand against hunger because this situation is something that we can change together.  I take action, Susan, because you inspire me. Thanks!

    Once again, thank you Tyson Foods for this important forum.  

    Ana Lorena Hart

  2. Syd Mandelbaum

    We can feed millions more with the passage of Federal Food Donation Act  of 2008. Our think tank, Rock and Wrap It Up! conceived, wrote and helped pass this Act. It is the first part of out  Anti-poverty Troika to feed America. Your partner agencies must call on federal buildings managers to be given the food. Our next task is to encourage large city municiapl buildings and also state buildings that their food that is prepared but not served or sold does not go into land fill. It should feed our nations’ hungry.

    We do not have to say there is not enough food when our nation produces over 95 billion pounds of waste. This can feed all who hunger in the U.S. With the passage of the FFDA, no one needs to hunger.

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