Social Media at Share Our Strength

Guest Post by Michael J. Clark, APR – Mitchell Communications Group.



Beth Kanter at the SOS Social Media Workshop

I’m currently sitting in the breakout session titled Tapping into Social Media Tools to Build Buzz, Find Fans, and Raise Funds with Tyson team members at the Share Our Strength 2008 Conference of Leaders.

Yesterday, we spent the day in Washington DC interviewing, documenting the many volunteers who dedicated a day of service to the Friendship Charter School and the Capital Area Foodbank, see photos on here (Flickr)

Social media played an important role in the day of sharing. A team of ten participants led by Beth Kanter  (twitter) set out to invite the online community to bear witness.  Share Our Strength (blog)

We invite you to join in the community and participate by making a contribution in our social media to create awareness for Share Our Strength (blog)