Thanks! Bay Area Hunger Challenge Effort Reaches 200,000 Pound Goal!

By Ed Nicholson

As of this morning, more than 2000 comments had been submitted in the read-and-comment-for-food effort to benefit Bay Area Food Banks, meaning all 200,000 pounds of food committed to the effort will be delivered.  In fact, some has already made its way to the food banks, and more will be delivered in coming weeks.

We continue to be humbled by and grateful to the efforts of people who take personal action against hunger in our country.  We’re especially grateful to the Hunger Challenge bloggers who got this effort flying in the Bay Area.  Additionally, thanks to those who picked up the ball and ran with it, not just in California, but across the country.

We appreciate the hundreds of Twitter messages and re-tweets that kept this at the forefront of awareness.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to those who came to the blog posting, read about hunger, and took action by commenting.  You truly have made a difference.

While 200,000 pounds sounds like a lot of food–and is–it is only a drop in bucket compared to what’s needed to address the hunger needs in the Bay Area.  Our challenge to you is to stay involved. Don’t let your good work stop here. Donate your time, your energy and your resources to a food bank in your area, no matter where you are.  

We’ll have a more comprehensive blog post later, listing as many of those of whom we’ve been made aware who contributed by blogging, tweeting, and spreading the word.  Until then, know that you all have our heartfelt congratulations and thanks for making this effort a stellar example of the online community taking positive action.