As We’re Thankful

Many of us will join family and friends for a big meal tomorrow. Certainly most will be thankful for blessings received throughout the year.

Many won’t have that luxury. According to this release from the Food Research and Action Center, more than 36 million people lived in households struggling against hunger in 2007.  Though the numbers aren’t in, it must be worse in 2008.

The people at Tyson Foods would like to extend our gratitude for the hundreds of food banks, the thousands of agencies, and the hundreds of thousands of people who put their time, their energy, their money and talents into helping feed those who are struggling.  We know that often it’s a job that doesn’t receive the thanks it truly deserves.

On this Thanksgiving, we offer the prayer that a day will come when your resources won’t need to be focused on feeding hungry people.  Meanwhile, we’re grateful–every day–that they are.

One Reply to “As We’re Thankful”

  1. Les Humphrey

    I want to take time today to encourage your company and management. I recently read about your first quarter financial success and couldn’t help thinking of Psalms 41 1-3. With all of your struggles in the recent past years you have not forgotten the hungry and God will not forget your company. He will preserve and bless you and will not allow you to be delivered into the hand of your competition. He will strengthen you and will sustain you, as He allready has. Tyson foods is an example of the benefits of considering the poor. God Never Fails.

    Les Humphrey member of Lowell Assembly of God 

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