Hunger in America–The Battle Intensifies

By Ed Nicholson

Beth Kanter pointed us to this very well-written article by David Cay Johnston in the New York Times discussing the state of hunger in America today, which states the obvious for those involved the fight:  Hunger relief organizations are seeing exponential growth in demand due to a struggling economy, at the same time resources are shrinking. 

"What makes the demand so striking this year is not only the suddenness but also the demographic that is seeking help. Most of the newcomers have been employed and have managed to survive dips in the job market. Many of them are couples and single parents who… had [previously] managed without handouts."

And on the supply side, improvements in inventory and quality control by donor companies have reduced available product, while, "Surplus production is often sold to overseas markets at a discount that brings food manufacturers more than the value of the tax deduction of a charitable donation, food bank managers across the country said in interviews." 

Times are tough.  If you can afford it, donate to your local food bank.