John Curry, Food Resources Director, San Francisco FB

John Curry is the food resources manager for the San Francisco Food Bank.  John was instrumental in our expanding the Hunger Challenge comment for food effort to all five food banks in the Bay area. In addition to being an all-around good guy , John also helps manage a unique distribution sysem for the food bank.  John discusses the system in the video interview attached. 

John’s a great example of the kind of dedicated folks you’ll find in food banks all around the country. 

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  1. Pastor Yvonne Smith

    Hello My name is Pastor Yvonne Smith of Praise In The Earth Institute in Chicago,Illinois. The church is located in a low income area on the Westside of Chicago.  This Thanksgiving Season, Praise In The Earth institute  wants to be a blessing  to the  families that are unable to have proper food for this time.
     The Church is 501C3 and tax exempt status.  I would like to know if Tyson would donate 20 to30 turkeys or chickens to help us feed Gods people.  You may call me at 708-450-0699 or 630-926-3612.  I thank you for your help in this matter.
    Your In Christ, 
    Pastor Yvonne Smith
    Praise In The Earth Institute
    616 So. Pulaski Road
    Chicago, Illinois 60624  

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