John Tripplett

Mr. Triplett has helped struggling families in Wilkes County, NC for years. In 2007 he became the Director of the Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e which provides food and finanical assistance to those in need in Wilkes County. Thanks to donations from Tyson Foods in Wilkesboro, he has helped feed hundreds of families who would have otherwise gone hungry. Mr. Tripplett also heads up a Christmas Toy Store in association with the h.o.p.e. Ministry that helps provide Christmas gifts for children whose parents are unable to provide for them. Mr. Tripplett has also worked with other organizations in the county to provide adequate shelter and furnishings for people who cannot do so themselves…often at his own expense. He works many hours "off the clock" for which the only pay he recieves is the "thanks" from those whom he has helped.