Economics for a crowded (and hungry) planet


by Ed Nicholson

We at Tyson  Foods were fortunate today to have been visited by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and co-founder of Millennium Promise. Dr. Sachs is in Northwest Arkansas to discuss a partnership between Tyson Foods and Millennium Promise to address hunger and food production in Africa.

His address to an assembly of Tyson team members was extremely compelling, touching on the Millennium Development Goals, and how their realization is made ever more important as it also becomes increasingly challenged by a faltering world economy. 

My takeaway: We’re all in this together folks.  We can’t isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, and expect our country to remain free, prosperous and powerful.

Dr. Sachs is the author of Common Wealth–Economics for a Crowded Planet, which the New York Times tells us today, President-elect Obama is currently reading in his study of national security issues and foreign policy.

We’re honored that Dr. Sachs and the rest of the team from Millennium Promise visited us, and are looking forward to a productive partnership.