Marsha Parlett

After retiring from a career in sales, Marsha began volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank. Volunteering is not new for her, prior to moving to San Antonio last year she was volunteering at a small Food Bank in the Los Angeles area. She is also helping to run her church’s small closet food bank. From the minute I met Marsha she was willing to work wherever she was needed. Her passion is for the plight of the food insecure elderly and children who can not help themselves is remarkable. Marsha says “True satisfaction does not come from serving ones self, but serving others”. She did not hesitate to step up and when I asked her to be the lead in the food sorting warehouse a couple of mornings a week. She was a natural at directing anywhere from a handful of volunteers to over 100 in a session. No task is too great, or too small and she’s always there with boundless energy giving extra time such as we just experienced with Hurricane Ike. For Marsha there is an extra bonus from helping to feed our area’s 25,000 people per week. “Getting to work along side people of all ages and backgrounds all with the heart to help others less fortunate than themselves” This is what she says keeps bringing her back. For all the people Marsha has served and will continue to serve we are grateful. She is an more than than an all star…she is a super star.