Thanks from the hungry of Boston

By Ed Nicholson

Thanks to the efforts of people who came to this site and commented, two truckloads of food are to be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank.  This happened in less than 4 hours.

Again, a big thanks to Beth Kanter for getting us involved in this effort. Beth’s responsible for teaching so many (present company included) about using social media for social good. 

Thanks also to Bob Collins and Boston’s Social Media Breakfast.  Should anyone doubt the incredibly powerful community among you, point them to this effort.

4 Replies to “Thanks from the hungry of Boston”

  1. Dawn


    thanks to you and organizations like yours for helping out those in need..

    when times are getting tougher for everyone, it’s wonderful that more people feel the need to help those less fortunate..



  2. Beth Kanter

    Thank you so much for your generosity!   This was an amazing event and I think it helped created some more awareness about the issue of hunger.  Thanks again.

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