You Filled A Truck For the Food Bank For New York City!

Thanks to all who commented on this entry about hunger in New York City and the work of the Food Bank for New York City . We now have more than 350 blog comments, meaning a truckload (approximately 35,000 lbs.)  of Tyson products will be delivered to the food bank sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

Meanwhile, please stay involved in the fight against hunger. New Yorkers can find out more by contacting the Food Bank for New York City.  If you’re somewhere else,  Feeding America has a handy food bank finder tool on its site that will connect you with one of its 200 member food banks across the U.S.

Thanks again.  It’s your engagement that makes this kind of effort possible.  And it will be your passion and compassion that make it possible for us to consider a day when the fight against hunger will be won.


3 Replies to “You Filled A Truck For the Food Bank For New York City!”

  1. Shani

    This was a great idea for a partnership between the Food Bank and Tyson. Given the food pantry crises around the country, the donated goods are definitely needed and much appreciated!

  2. Sara Buckley

    Thank you again for helping out The Food Bank of New York City.  Please help as often as you can – it is needed!

  3. Daniel Buckley

    Thanks again to Tyson Foods for this amazing campaign! And thank you to everyone who commented to the original post. The donation the Food Bank For New York City will receive as a result can help to provide close to 27,000 meals for New Yorkers in need.

    Learn more about the Food Bank For New York City and join our online community here:

    Daniel Buckley
    Online Communications Manager
    Food Bank For New York City

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