Diane Smith, RD, LD, MBA

Diane Smith started her career feeding hungry children in 1977!! As a School Food Service Director for thirty years, Diane saw first hand what hunger can do to a child. For the last eight years of her career as a Food Service Director Diane became an active volunteer with Harvesters, the Community Food Network of Kansas City. During those eight years Diane could be found developing PowerPoint presentations for Harvesters, collecting food, volunteering at any number of Harvesters events and doing presentations as a Harvesters Ambassador. Since Diane’s retirement she has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Harvesters and is more involved than ever. You might find her packing thousands of BackSnacks to feed hungry children on the weekends, sorting donated food products, collecting canned goods at community events, doing presentations to promote feeding the hungry or helping out with the nationwide hunger study. Diane spends countless hours donating her time to help Harvesters feed the hungry in a twenty-six country area in Kansas and Missouri.