What’s Your Story, Anyway?



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By Ed Nicholson

Paul Harvey died on Saturday. 
He had a phenomenal run as a broadcast personality, in a career that spanned almost seventy years. 
Paul Harvey was a storyteller.  He didn’t just deliver the news.  He wrapped it a package and delivered it with a style that made it interesting, even if you didn’t agree with his transparently conservative opinion.  Did you ever listen through a thirty-second commercial, just to find out "the rest of the story?"  I did.
His passing reminded me of the power of storytelling.
Those of us who advocate for hunger frequently use facts and figures to  make our case.Those who advocate most effecitvely use stories. 
It’s incredibly compelling to find out that food insecurity affects twelve and a half million children in the U.S.  But it can be more compelling to find out how it affects one particular child.  Especially if that child is living in your own neighborhood.
The best storytellers give us all something with which to connect personally.  What if I lost my job and had to depend on food assistance?  What if it were my child in the backpack program?  Maybe I should do something to help.

How are you using stories to make your case?  

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