The Humblers

By Ed Nicholson



Ernie Conduff–Hunger All-Star

Nine years ago, when we started doing this hunger relief stuff at Tyson, we thought we were doing the world a lot of good by donating 3-4 million pounds of food a year.

We were humbled very quickly by a couple of things made clear to us:

First, 3-4 million pounds (these days 10-12 million lbs), while a lot of food, is relatively insignificant when one considers the enormous need that exists every single day.  Being involved gave us some context.

Additionally, as we got to know people throughout the hunger relief community, we heard amazing stories of people devoting their time, talents and treasures–most often at great self-sacrifice–to seeing that those in need had meals.

We wanted to help tell some of those stories, so we created the Hunger All-Star section of this site.  Anyone can nominate a Hunger All-Star here. We put most all nominations online, and each month we select a Hunger All-Star of the Month, and donate a truckoad of food in their honor to their Feeding America member food bank.

Our first Hunger All-Star of the Month was (then) 13 year-old Jonathan Crider from central Oklahoma, who raised more than $20,000 for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Our most recent is Ernie Conduff, here in northwest Arkansas, whose organization Lifesource gives a hand up to hundreds in need a year.  Today, our team, along with Tyson’s own Angela Courage, who nominated Ernie, got to go present him his award.  We then got to give a truckoad of food to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

Ernie’s a humble guy himself, quick to defer credit to his staff, his board, his donors; everyone but himself.  But hearing what he does every day is amazing and inspiring.  And quite humbling.

If you know someone who does good work in hunger relief,  honor them by nominating them as a Hunger All-Star here.