What are you eating this weekend?



 By Ed Nicholson

Those who follow this blog know that we’ve been devoting Fridays to reminding people of the fact that there are millions of children across the country whose primary source of nutrition is the school lunch program.  For many of these kids the gap between lunch Friday and lunch Monday is a long 72 hours with no assurance of a meal.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah Owen, CEO of Community Cooperative Ministries, Inc. in Fort Myers Florida, guest posted here about this sad fact.  Now, CCMI, has challenged their stakeholders to join them in discovering just what it might be like to live for a weekend with no food.  Beginning at noon today, those who take the NoFood4You Challenge won’t be eating until noon Monday. 

The campaign will raise awareness and funds for CCMI’s School Backpack Program.  Follow Sarah and CCMI’s Judy Chiappini as they document their experience via Twitter throughout the weekend.  Thanks to their efforts, there will be some kids in the Fort Meyers area who won’t be going hungry for that 72 hours.


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  1. Judy


    Thank you so very much for promoting our NoFood4You campaign.  It really is frightening to think about going without food for that long but children in our county do it every single weekend.  It’s not just here either.  It is happening all over the country!!!  With this program we hope to be able to hlep more and more children.

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