Debi Renner

Debi, my sister helps out in a small town in mount Vernon, Texas. She cooks for children that come to her each day. They live in a low income housing project, where is is giving her time and her money (which is not a lot),   She makes breakfeast, lunch, dinner some nights, She helps with school work, scrapes, stories, school projects while there familes don’t have the time or don’t want to give the time. She is trying to feed the children ranging from 5 yrs to 15 yrs. She cooks ,so that they will not go hungry before school before going to her job ay Habitat for Humanity, Then  she goes back for lunch and after school time and projects. Without her help these children would go hungry and would not be able to finish theie schooling. I would love to see her get some help with food.  She gets donations from food banks and churches, but it’s coming into summer where they are going to be needing more food.  I can’t see her using her own money as she gives to them first before she gives to he self.  She says children come first.  They have just begun to live where she has lived and she would give the shirt off her back if she could. Please help