Hunger Community–Where’s the discussion?






By Ed Nicholson

When we started this blog in 2007, one of our goals was to contribute to the online community in the discussion of hunger.  Trouble was, after looking, we just couldn’t find much online discussion.  About a year ago, I asked, "Where’s the online discussion of hunger?" in this post, and invited anyone who has something going to connect.  Deafening silence.

So I’m asking the question again:  Where’s the online discussion of hunger?  Are there thought leaders asking  compelling questions, stimulating engaging conversations with thoughtful answers and healthy dissent?

If so, where?  If not, why not? 

Is this issue not important enough?

I have some personal opinions. Don’t make me pull them out.

2 Replies to “Hunger Community–Where’s the discussion?”

  1. Holly

    This is definitely concerning.  We started a blog back in 2005 and it hasn’t had much conversation going.   I’m strill figuring out how to get organizational buy-in to listening and social networking.  Most people are engaged by snazzy new campaigns.  I’m curious what a conversation about hunger would look like in this space.  Do we want to hear people’s stories?  Do we want to know what’s happening in their communities with regard to nutrition, access to healthy food, foreclosures, child nutrition and health?  I think if we reframe the conversation as beyond hunger – everything linked to healthy food…we’d get more of a dialogue. 

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