Involve me and I’ll understand



Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.    Chinese proverb


Day of Service at Capitol Area Food Bank, DC

By Ed Nicholson

Hunger is a complex issue.  Most people don’t really understand it. We’re told about it.  We’re rarely shown hunger (how many of us actually recognize it when we see it?).  If we’re fortunate, someone will take the time to involve us.

Many of those we know in hunger relief have been involved through working with Share Our Strength.  At their annual Conference of Leaders, they offer a day of service, wherein attendees go offsite and work together to benefit a hunger relief organization in the community in which the conference is being held.  It’s a lot of hard work for the group’s staff to organize, but it works in remarkable ways to bond the Share Our Strength community, and remind us of why we’ve come together.  We become involved; we understand.   

Who’s doing the hard work to engage your stakeholders?  What are you doing to create understanding among those you want to keep enlisted in your cause?  How do you involve them?