Diane Reeder

The Queens Galley connects people to food by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day at the soup kitchen to anyone who hungers regardless of income (no proof of poverty required), connecting people to food resources (by assisting with food stamp applications and help finding food pantries and coordinating food stamp token systems at farmers’ markets ) and then helping them to make the best of resources they have access to (as a local partner for Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline). Over 9,000 meals a month are served at the Queens Galley and over 30 Operation Frontline classes are held for children and/or seniors each year. The remarkable thing is that Diane started this when she was recovering from a dibilitating injury and her household food budget was $25 a week for a family of 5. As a chef she realized the importance of culinary skill and as a mom she recognized how important access is to REAL food for every family so she did something about it and now hundreds of people are eating better because of her.