The Tyson RAGBRAI ’09 Team–Final Day–Burlington

By Ed Nicholson

The name of the music clip (courtesy of Flipshare) I’ve been using on my little video vignettes all week is "A Perfect Saturday."  While nothing is perfect, today was darned close. Good weather, good people, and a good tired to end a great week. Again we had Tyson team members from the nearby Louisa County plant, working hard to make the day a success. 
It’s been an honor and a privelege to work around these folks all week. We’ll be tying up some loose ends from RAGBRAI here in the next few days, but for now, I’d like to extend humble thanks to all who came out and worked; to all who stopped by and bought a sandwich or an omelet; to all the communities who hosted our traveling troupe; to our group’s senior management who supported us all the way in this effort; and to everyone who played a role in feeding a few more hungry mouths in Iowa.
See you next year!

To see a collection of photos from this year’s Tyson RAGBRAI efforts, go to our Flickr pages.