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The day in the life of a common businessperson consists of attending meetings, number crunching and ever-looming deadlines. For Sarah Owen, her day centers around hungry children, homeless families, disabled elderly and working relentlessly to solve the escalating problem of hunger in Southwestern Florida. Sarah’s day doesn’t end at 5 p.m., she continually seeks to help others, even after she has left the office. That is why Tyson Foods has named Sarah the next Tyson Hunger All-Star.

Sarah found her calling to serve while in Richmond, Virginia where she worked for a not-for-profit that lobbied and advocated for the rights of persons with mental disabilities. She realized her passion was in the world of community service. Sarah found great joy in helping others and working towards solutions that would benefit the needy. She is a self-proclaimed “hungerfighter” via her Twitter handle and the founder and co-author of “What’s Next? A Support Group for Single Mothers and their Children.”

Sarah is now the CEO of Community Cooperative Ministries, Inc. where every day she is addressing the needs of the hungry citizens in Florida and is unrelenting in her efforts to fight hunger. CCMI is the umbrella agency for The Soup Kitchen, Faith in Action Senior Transportation, two United Way Resource Houses, Meals on Wheels and Hands & Hearts Montessori Preschool. CCMI provides food to the homeless as well as emergency groceries and affordable childcare to the working poor. After expanding in 1996, CCMI now delivers meals to the homebound hungry and transportation services to the elderly.

Throughout the course of a week Sarah is helping feed the nearly 90,000 hungry citizens of Southwest Florida.

Sarah and CCMI’s Soup Kitchen provide a noon-time meal six days a week, meals five days a week to the homebound hungry regardless of their ability to pay through Meals on Wheels, two nutritious meals a day for the children in the CCMI childcare center, a food pantry and mobile food pantries that provide emergency groceries to families in need and a backpack program for local schoolchildren who would otherwise receive little to no food on weekends.

With the honor of being named a Tyson Hunger All-Star, Tyson Foods donated more than 15 tons of protein to the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida in honor of Sarah.

Because of Sarah and her work, schoolchildren can indulge in a healthy meal which gives them more energy for learning and growth, elderly aren’t dependent on their family members to bring them food every day and the homeless don’t go hungry.

 Do you know a Hunger All-Star in your community?  You can recognize them by nominating them here.  We’ll put their story up on this site.  Each month we pick a Hunger All-Star of the Month to spotlight as we have Sarah, and donate a truckload of food to their Feeding America Food Bank.

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  1. Judy


    What an awesome person Sarah Owen is.  You couldn’t have choosen a better Hunger All-Star!  It was truly an amazing sight to see the Tyson truck full of chicken to help feed Lee County’s hungry.  Until you see it you really have no concept of what 43,000 lbs of chicken look like and what an impact recieving it can have on a community.

    Once again Thanks so much for everything you do.

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