Hadley Smith

A lifelong resident of Texarkana, Hadley chose child nutrition as her platform, titled "Food for Thought". “Food for Thought,” is centered on preventing the risk to developing minds and bodies that lack of nutrition causes. The school program that she has developed is “Kids Food BANK.” Through an interactive presentation, she shares with children the consequences of inadequate nutrition, and then sets up challenges for classes to help the hungry by bringing their coins and placing them in large clear plastic jars so they can see how their contributions are growing. Their donations benefit the BackPack program. Hadley is serving as the ambassador for Harvest Texarkana, the anti-hunger organization in her hometown, Texarkana, USA. In addition to making presentations in schools, packing BackPacks with food, and attending fund-raisers, she has produced and anchored a mini-documentary that is shown to school groups, organizations and businesses. The video explains how food banks work and details the dangers of childhood hunger.