I love it when a community comes together.



The Tyson Truck arrives at the food bank


By Ed Nicholson

 On Monday, we announced a collaborative effort, including Tyson Foods and the Social Media Club for the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge, part of their Hunger Action Month activities.
That support included Tyson donating 100 pounds of food to the food bank for every hunger fact in this post, up to a total donation of 100,000 pounds.
Though we’ve not added up all the tweets, it appears we–no, you–blew the roof off the 1000 tweets it would take to reach the 100,000 pound donation.  But you also did much more than that.
You leveraged your community to create desperately-needed awareness about the issue of hunger.  And awareness is something this issue needs as much as needs emergency food. 

Today, thanks to what you did, the first of three semi truckloads of Tyson products was delivered to the food bank.

On behalf of Tyson Foods, the Social Media Club and the San Francisco Food Bank, thank you for taking your time to contribute to this effort.

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